Our Mission


“To empower young people with confidence, courage and character and transform lives aboard the sailing vessel Nada.”

Our Guiding Principle:

Our leadership program uses immersion in life aboard a sailing vessel on an ocean voyage as the leadership classroom. As both the observer and participant in this environment, students receive real-time feedback, and are able to develop their personal leadership skills.

While aboard, students will participate in all the essential activities required for a safe ocean passage under the supervision of our experienced mentors, including:

  • Passage Planning & Coastal Navigation.
  • Sail and boat handling.
  • Weather forecasting
  • Personal Management (Sleep, energy and mental fitness)

Our passion to see lives changed has led us to the firm belief that students, removed from the distractions of land-based life, and totally immersed in a ship-board experience is essential to self discovery, which leads to the transformation and leadership development we seek to accomplish.

It’s fun, adventurous and challenging at the same time. It’s impossible not to be transformed by the experience!

We look forward to having you aboard the sailing vessel Nada on her next adventure.